Sunday, 14 August 2011

What Summer afternoons are made for

Where is the best place to spend a lovely, sunny afternoon like today? At the beach, of course! Yesterday was a busy day, full of various men of the family climbing under poorly cars, children climbing over my poor sofas (soon to be recovered, once R is a bit further through the sticky finger phase) and me climbing the mountain of decorating another cake! It's not a mountain because I dislike cake decorating, just that decorating said cake in small kitchen whilst also trying to cook dinner/get drinks for everyone/trip over R or the contents of the cupboard he has just emptied, can be a challenge lets say!

Anyway, the cake was safely delivered to its recipient, to be enjoyed at a family birthday party. Phew! It went out of the front door safely! I hope it went down well with the birthday boy!
On that subject, if you'd like me to make a cake for you - I'd love to! Just contact me for details I am going to add a cakes gallery page too, so take a look.

Today was much more like holiday. Brunch for around 20ish at our place - lovely! The a trip to Brighton to pick up our new kiddie trailer for the bike. Picnic bike rides, here we come! We drove on to find the lovely little pebble beach at Rottingdean - a really sweet little place which the children loved. It's simple pleasures like this that make all the hard work worthwhile. They were completely happy climbing, splashing and frolicking (funny word, but just right) on the beach. R really enjoyed getting wet too.

N and I made some more pictures with pebbles on the huge granite rock sea breakers. Aren't the colours amazing! Beautiful. He's pretty precise and decisive for a 2 year old, and we made circles, flowers and fish for a little while together.

All in all, a perfect day. I hope yours was too, however you spent it.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Happiness is........

Just taking a break from the lunch time clear up (yes, I know it's 2.15!), while the house is quiet (2/5 in bed and 3/5 on quick errand with dad) to give you a sneaky peek at some of the lovely things going into the mixing bowl of my new website. My lovely brother, who is a graphic designer, illustrator and website creator (yes, he got more than his fair share of the skill quota!), has offered to design me a new website, which will link to my shop, blog and other creative ventures, such as Make Space.
I sent off a few pages from this lovely book of things to cut out and make, because I just love the drawing style of these buildings. So 70's and colourful!

I am more than a little excited about the prospect of having my very own lovely website. It feels almost like I am having an extension built on the house.....does that sound bizarre?

Last week I scanned in a whole heap of vintage fabric and pages from a few of my growing collection of children's books to send off, so I thought I'd show you a few - because they are so lovely, and make me smile - so hopefully they will do the same for you!
I love this page from one of my Ladybird books - just the sort of little project I would have loved as a girl (and now, if I'm honest!)

So, it's a Friday and I have just hung the washing out - thanks goodness I didn't leave it till tomorrow! Don't you just love seeing words in their original context!

I will let you know the minute the website is ready to go and the shop fully stocked....exciting!!!!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Tea time on the beach

Another impromptu picnic - this time, tea time at West Witterings.

Lovely pasta tea time on the beach.

Lovely splashing and playing in the sea as the sun set.

Lovely making moments.

Lovely bundling up wet babies in towels and carrying them back to the car.

Lovely snuggling them up with milk while the older ones played one last game of football.
Lovely wander with my eldest to find some beautiful things on the beach and a chat about art.

Lovely satisfied feeling that every day is special and it's always good to just go with the flow.

aaaaah xxxxxxx