Saturday, 11 August 2012

Teeny Tour

What a glorious day we're having here!  The sun has finally found his long lost hat and all is restored in the world of Summer Holidays once again!

We've been on a family outing to the Model Train Shop today - a 10 minute journey on a Real Life train with all 5 of the boys and fake grass has been purchased ready for some Mummy and Eldest time later in the holidays.  It's amazing what a short journey on a train can do and although it certainly wasn't the cheapest day trip we've done this Summer, it was absolutely value for money and effort.  Eldest son can get a little nervous doing things like this, so it was good to do a bit of Calmness Coaching and as for the younger ones - they just loved every minute.  Little Reu used the full breadth of his vocabulary in describing the various things whizzing past the window and such delight at cows and sheep!  Look at these two - eagerly watching  for the train to arrive!

On the way back, we stopped at Arundel, which not only has it's very own Castle, but is also an extremely pretty town, with an abundance of vintage and gift shops, a wonderful book shop, food shops of every variety and yes, even the obligatory charity shop.  Perfect!

It was made even more perfect by my husband insisting that he take the boys to the play park for a few minutes while I wandered off on my own!  Bliss!  I have to tell you about this lovely little place I found - Lulamae's.  A delightful new venture by my new friends, Sally and Alison (sisters) who only two months ago opened this pretty cafe and shop, full of all the sorts of vintage and retro goodies I love.  I didn't get to taste the foodie goodness on offer, owing to Naomi Time coming to an end, but I have made a promise to myself to visit again when term starts again....and maybe even take a friend or two!

In the meantime I am hoping that Sally and Alison will visit me here, on my blog to tell us a bit more about their lovely venture, how they made it happen and their dreams for the future, so watch this space.

I was thinking today that you might like a Teeny Tour of my Teeny Studio, so I rushed out and took a few photos of the things I'm up to out there at the moment, and the things I sit there and look at for inspiration.  It's only 11 feet by 6 feet - just big enough to sit at a desk, with every available space filled with shelves of fabric, buttons, ribbons and vintage finds that I will someday "Do Something With!"

Lots of vintage dress patterns, some of which are totally beautiful, all of which I would LOVE TO WEAR given half the chance.

Vintage bedlinen fabrics, of which I have TONNES, and all of which I love so much, I find it hard to cut!

Oh, I love my old children's books, especially this Enid Blyton series which mostly sits in our bedroom, waiting for a quiet moment.  I just love the illustrations - there's something so charming about the way children were drawn in this particular era. Legs and arms that look almost edible.  Just like my Little Reu's.

My stash of small print cottons in a suitcase - because they regularly get transported indoors for a spot of evening needlework. (Or even on holiday, like below!)

An art folder idea I was working on and my wire chicken hanger with all sorts of things perched on it.

Shelves which are home to my collections of buttons, ribbons and scraps....and the odd inspirational thing or two...

Vintage buttons, which are just too beautiful on their cards to use for, my, I seem to feel that way about a lot of vintage wonder my Teeny Studio is so jam-packed!

Bon Maman jars filled with my collection of buttons, in colour themes.....because it was fun to do one lazy afternoon!

Vintage embroidered hankies found on a recent trip to Bath, machine embroidered Motto Hearts ready to be stuffed and other small projects on the go.

 My latest love.  Can't get enough of detail and fine stitching for these appliques hearts and pictures.  I am SOOO enjoying doing these, I can't tell you how much! By the way, I'd love to do one for you - maybe a little embroidered picture of your home?  How cute would that be!  Go to my Facebook page if you'd like to find out more.

This little heart has it's own beaded hanger.  It's hanging in front of one of my vintage scrap quilts in progress.

The Teeny Studio my lovely Dad built for me has become more and more filled with fabrics and findings over the 5 years I have been blessed to have it and I continually have to re-stash, re-jig and re-organise, but all this helps me re-member every time I do it, what a privilege it is to have a space like this to re-treat to; something I truly dreamt of all my life.

Thanks for going on my Teeny Tour with me.