Works of Art

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Let me paint a picture for you......

I love to make people happy with the work I make.  There's nothing that gives me a greater buzz than handing over a piece of art that has been specially made for that person; to bless them and encourage them.  That's what I do, and that's what I'd love to do for you.

I work in two main ways, the first being watercolour based in three sizes (see the order form for details) and the second being a totally bespoke commission.

Bespoke Commission

Don't be intimidated by those words!  It just means, you give me something to work from and I do the rest!  The best way for this to happen is for you to call me, or email me to start with.  Have a think about your budget - it could be anything from £50 to ....well, whatever you like, and I will work to that. If you would like a special piece of art in your life, or would like to give something special to someone you love, I would love to create it for you.  Take a look at the slide show for inspiration

Watercolour Based Paintings

Perhaps you have a special baby on the way and you want a piece that reflects the significance of their name. 
Maybe it's someone's birthday and you want to give them something that will have lasting meaning.
It could be a wedding present to mark the joining of two lives.

Whatever the occasion, I would love  to create something special for you.

The way I like to work is for the client to give me a piece of writing to draw inspiration from.  This could be a poem, a song, a bible verse, a list of words, a story, something you have written - or even all of those things!  I take these words and create a watercolour based painting  from them - unique to the recipient.