Sunday, 12 June 2011

Back to my artistic roots

I have been thinking lately about how I would love to take on some commissions again. Since having the last three of my children (!!), I have done less and less art for people and I miss it. I have been looking through some of the photos of past work, and realising how few photos I used to take before handing over the finished piece! It was the days before digital really took off and we all started taking photos of everything we do, (hands up who else feels old?!).
There is a link over on the right to take you to have a peek at my previous work too - and by all means, if you feel like commissioning me, just email me. I am planning to get a bit of a price list together, to give you a rough idea, but if you have a budget you want me to work to, that's fine too.
Hop on over to that page if you want to read about the way I work.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Things that make me buzzzz

Today has been a good day, despite feeling camping tired; the sort of tired you feel after you come back from a camping holiday and you ache for your own bed!

My husband has insisted that I retire to bed for the evening, so here I am blogging, to tell you about a few of the things that get me buzzing - and maybe with a little sleep I'll be back to that energetic state tomorrow!

Buzzing is getting together with friends and talking about an idea that excites us all - chatting about crafting and planning how we can squeeze more opportunities into life to be creative and spread the love of making.

Buzzing is finding a magazine that completely scratches every creative itch - as if it were written JUST FOR ME - but finding other people who love it too and realising I'm not the only one!

The smell of Jasmine in the evening and the buzz of the bumble bees as they bob around it. Trying to take a picture to show you was tricky - they are far from bumbling actually, and really quite nippy! But here's the best - ah, if only you could smell it too!

Speaking of which - buzzing is, picking the first sweet peas of the year and having a little pot in my bedroom. Such JOY! Dad used to pick the first sweet pea of the year for mum - he was romantic like that, and he loved sweet peas, so I love having them too. Our little garden doesn't provide much space for these lovely picking flowers (or many others sadly), but this year I found a little space at the back of the herb border. I may not get many, but I'll enjoy every single one! My lovely husband also bought me a rose this week to replace the one that died. we bought the first one to remember dad by - he loved to pick a bunch of roses for me. It's now tucked up in it's own little bed, ready to burst into bloom and fill my house with scent and colour.

Lastly, buzzing because I actually managed to finish my entry for Country Living Magazine's Kitchen Table Talent competition and send it off, tied up in bright orange lace, in good time. It felt a bit like I was back at school finishing off coursework! I so enjoyed it and I've learned so much about myself through doing it. Fingers crossed!

Well , I'm off to sleep before Hubby gets home and tells me off for being up! Goodnight! XX