Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mad May round up!

May is almost over and the amazing but exhausting rin of parties and projects is over (as much as it ever is!).
So I thought I'd give you a quick round up of everything I've done the last month, while I pause and take a breath before June commences and the summer projects really begin!

Ribbons for the children to play with at the wedding

"Blessing tree" - each guest could take home a leaf with a blessing and a rose brooch return for....
Writing their own blessing for the happy couple on a leaf and returning it to the tree.
The red carpet aisle leading to the marquee.
The banners inscribed with Bible verses about growth and creation.
The beautiful setting at the foot of the South Downs.

The cake, topper by little dolls dressed as the couple were. The bride is a gardener, hence the horticultural theme!

Paper pom poms - decor theme throughout the venue. These ones were for the ceiling of the hall.

And then, the next week, Ben's birthday and another cake. He's really into friendly monsters at the moment!

The party bag contents...
Little monster key rings for each guest.

I wonder what June will bring!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Party! Party! Party!

May is the month of parties! I am right in the middle of the hectic month I knew was on its way. We've just had E's 5th birthday party, which saw the house full of bout 15 of his little friends. I love doing parties, but they are exhausting! It's nice that they get a day that is just for them when you have five - it so rarely happens! So, birthdays in this house are about them being able to express their personality. E chose and Octonauts cake, which is the hit TV programme of the moment - lots of adventure and action. I was pleased with the final result - and so was E!

Now I sit here writing this at 10.10pm with a cake in the oven - the first of 3 that need to be baked and iced, ready for the wedding this weekend. I went to buy all the icing etc today and I am looking forward to doing it, I just wish I could shake the headache I've had all day. What I really need is a bath and an early night - but the cake needs another 30 minutes! Nevermind - it's a little window of blogging time.

I'm looking forward to posting photos of all the wedding decor and creativity - there's nothing quite like being involved in a wedding.

Then, when that's done, it's time to get on with B's party the following week. Then in June I may just have some sleep!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Wisteria Cottage

A little place I'd like to visit again, when I get the time.......

and the shop next door needs stocking up.....

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

so many projects, not enough time!

I wonder how often I think this! At the moment it seems that I have about 5 major projects on the go and they seem to all fill my mind at the same time! I have been trying to be organised and methodical, using my hubby's brilliant hints, but even so I feel a bit befuddled and never quite up to the task. I wonder if many other mums feel like this? I'm sure most of us do! I guess it's because we are so constantly interrupted, if not by the little person in person, by their presence in our thoughts.....when to exchange the birthday present, buy C some new sandals, nurturing N's gentle side with his younger brother, looking up drawing and writing competitions that they might like to enter.......Maybe it's no wonder my mind finds it difficult to order the things I am "meant to be thinking about"! As I speak R is rifling through the folder for the garden project he has just knocked off the table! Ah, well, he's happy and I can sort it later!

I must remember to enjoy the small moments of achievement I have.

And also the little, beautiful things of life - like these flowers my mum brought me from her garden. The peonies are one of my favourite flowers. They are so wonderfully frilly and girly and most of all, they remind me of my dad, who used to grow huge bushes of them round the garden and delight in picking me one. Aren't the colours just gorgeous?

This is a sneaky peek at one of the projects - banners for an open air wedding coming up at the end of May. What do you think? They are going to have lots of tiny bells sewn in so that they "jingle" in the breeze.