Sunday, 5 May 2013

Jump onboard the Carousel!

It's kind of appropriate that at the beginning of May I should be spending the afternoon dressing my shelf at the newest and prettiest little shop in town; The Carousel in Chichester.

May is always a mad month for us here and this year will be no different.  Two birthdays and the party works that go with those (including a Lego cake for Mr 7 year old this year),  will be threaded into a rather significant and fairly complicated two tier cake for a customer, a rather significant room change in our house, which will in fact be almost like moving house I think, and possibly another cake at the end of the month.  This is on top of celebrating our youngest Little Man's 3rd birthday last week, with his request of an "RT-Two One" cake (in his words).

What a lovely way then, to start the month.  Welcomed with a cup of tea by Iris, the lovely shop owner,  I set about placing all my bits and pieces on my shelf....."My Shelf!"  It feels really quite special.

Great Aunt Mabel has escorted her gaggle of "Bag Ladies" to their shelf and is now sitting pretty in the window alongside one of my colourful quilts.  

 If you live anywhere near Chichester, this little gem is really worth a visit.  Bursting with oodles of vintage goodness and hand crafted scrumptiousness, it's somewhere I would happily spend the day...or more!

Cinnamon Kids

Pretty things from Olive Homeware and Vintage Darlings

Nock Nock Homeware

I feel really quite chuffed to have my things in there, sitting alongside makers and Vintage collectors I have admired, such as Winter's Moon and Big Bird's Boutique.

Iris has curated a vibrant mix of makers and collectors, all selling the very best of their wares in a beautiful old, characterful building.  The first time I set foot in there, I knew Redeem Creations would be at home.

Gorgeous little brooches from Something More Exciting

Vintage Cinnamen

Something More exciting

The attention to detail in this place shows Iris's keen eye and even the changing room at the back of the shop is a sunny little spot, complete with vintage patchwork curtain.  How could you fail to fall head over heals in love with this shop?!

I have put a couple of my new satchels in the shop too; one Princess and the Pea bag, using one of my new illustrations, and a Red Riding Hood one too.  I hope you like them!

 Even more wonderful was what greeted me when I returned home; 5 boys, ready to jump in the car and a hubby with Trug basket full of flasks of tea and drinks to take up to our favourite place on top of Bury Hill, via the chip shop, for a magical Spring Tea overlooking the Downs.  He's an amazing man.  I think I'll keep him.

So, I am a very happy, and very tired bunny tonight and I am off to have a glass of wine and the rare treat of telly before bed.